Run the NAS Repo Upgrade

To upgrade StorNext NAS from versions 1.2.2 or lower, you must manually update your software on each node using the NAS Repo Upgrade RPM. This RPM allows access to future upgrades, either offline from a local directory or over the Internet from Quantum's remote upgrade repository.

Why Do I Need to Perform this Step?

After running the NAS Repo Upgrade RPM, you have the option of upgrading from Quantum's remote upgrade repository accessed over the Internet. With this feature, you will no longer need to manually download the latest upgrade RPMs. Instead the Appliance Controller will be able to directly pull the latest version at your command.

You can still upgrade locally (without direct-Internet access). Going forward, however, all upgrade packages are signed, meaning that the public key — imported to your system from the NAS Repo Upgrade RPM — is required to install the software upgrade. You need to import this public key regardless of whether the upgrade packages are installed directly from Quantum's remote upgrade repository over the Internet or offline from a local /var/upgrade directory.

The NAS Repo Upgrade RPM does the following:

  • Properly configures the Appliance Controller to access Quantum's remote upgrade repository (over the Internet) in which the latest upgrade RPM is stored.
  • Imports a public key required to install the latest upgrade RPM.