NFS Share Options

You can include NFS share options with the share add, share change, and share create commands. StorNext NAS supports all NFS share options.

For a full list of options, along with how best to use them for your environment, see the exports(5) MAN page.

NFS Option Conventions

When entering options, use the following conventions:

  • Separate multiple options by a comma.
  • For options that can have multiple values, separate the values by a space.

Example Command: Change an NFS share to read only and restrict root privileges to remote root users

> share change nfs mynfsshare ro,root_squash


StorNext NAS does not support the use of commas (,) to separate the nfshosts share option. If you are defining multiple NFS hosts for a share, separate each host with a space.

See Scenario 3: Limit access to the,, and hosts for an example.

Additional Considerations

Caution: The Appliance Controller manages the smb.conf and /etc/exports files for StorNext NAS. Any edits made directly to either of these files will be lost when the Appliance Controller is restarted, or when changes are made using any of the share commands.