NAS User Authentication

StorNext Connect vs. Appliance Controller Console

You can use StorNext Connect to configure supported features for Xcellis WFD, Artico (R630-based), M44x, or M66x. If — after using StorNext Connect — you use the Appliance Controller Console to issue commands, make sure to (re)import the supported configuration changes into StorNext Connect.

See the StorNext Connect Documentation Center.

You must configure StorNext NAS to authenticate users who will be accessing NAS shares. StorNext NAS supports Access Control Lists (ACLs) when the NAS server is bound to an AD or OpenLDAP server. If you are using an OpenLDAP server, however, you will need to enable SID mapping for full ACL support. See Enable SID Mapping for Full ACL Support.

Authentication Methods

Do one of the following to authenticate user access to NAS shares: