Configure NAS Failover for Clusters of NFS Shares

When you configure NFS shares in a cluster for NAS failover, the master node manages StorNext NAS services. In the event of NAS failover, these services along with the NAS VIP are transferred to the new active master node.

By enabling NAS failover on NFS shares within NAS clusters, you are also requiring that all clients connecting to the NAS cluster are running NFSv4. This version of NFS is required to support lock recovery after failover.

In an environment that does not use NAS failover for NFS shares within NAS clusters, you can use both NFSv3 and NFSv4. See Manage NFS Client Versions.

Note: NAS failover is supported only on the Xcellis WFD (CentOS7) for NFSv4 clients. For environments exporting NFS shares on Xcellis WFD or G300 gateways, or on Artico or MDC servers, clients connect to the shares through the master node's static IP address.


Make sure to perform the following steps before configuring NFS shares in a cluster for NAS failover.


For Xcellis WFD, StorNext NAS should be configured on the 10 GbE network port. In addition, the IP addresses reserved for both nodes of the NAS cluster and the NAS VIP must be configured on the 10 GbE network port, which is typically the LAN client network. If you use another network port, the NAS cluster will fail to configure correctly.